Dance Floor Etiquette

We are a Country Music Dance Venue, therefore we feature country western style dancing such as Two Stepping and Line Dancing. The Saddle Rack dance floor is closely monitored, provocative and out of control dancing is not condoned and you may be asked to leave the dance floor. Freestyle dancing is only allowed in the center area of our main dance floor.

The dance floor moves in a counterclockwise direction for Two Stepping. Fast and experienced dancers on the outside of the floor, slow and beginner dancers to the inside center of the floor.
The DJ or band will call dances from time to time to maintain dance floor flow and safety.
Drinks of any nature are not allowed on the dance floor. This includes placing drinks on the stage.
No standing or sitting in chairs on the dance floor as it impedes the flow of dancing.
For the safety of our patrons, no dance lifts are allowed.