On Friday and Saturday nights we offer 20% off of the normal cover charges for groups of ten (10) OR MORE PEOPLE if everyone arrives at the same time before 9pm. Again, “EVERYONE HAS TO ARRIVE AT THE SAME TIME AND BEFORE 9:00PM TO GET THE DISCOUNT. THERE ARE NO DISCOUNTS AFTER 9:00PM. The normal cover charges on Friday nights are $10 before 9:00pm and $15 after 9:00pm, Saturday nights $10 before 9:00pm and $20 after 9:00pm. In closing, if your group meets the above criteria, the cover charge would be $8.00 per person. As far as the cover charge payment, we do not take it in advance, we find it easier and prefer that one person in your group collect the money and pay for everyone once the last person enters the club. Remember, The Saddle Rack is a 21 years of age and over venue at all times. 


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