Party Bus - Limo- RV Policy

Unfortunately due to many customers arriving intoxicated and becoming unruly, The Saddle Rack will no longer be accepting customers arriving in PARTY BUSSES, MOTORHOMES or LIMOUSINES after 9pm! Thank you for your understanding.

If you do choose to come to The Saddle Rack for your event, and you come on a Party Bus or in a Motorhome or Limousine, you "MUST" be here before 9:00pm, we do not accept any customers in Party Busses, Motorhomes or Limousines at all after 9:00pm. As long as you arrive by 9:00pm there is no problem with the bus/motorhome/limousine dropping you off parking and waiting for you (which we prefer) or leaving and coming back to pick you up. If you arrive after 9:00pm and are dropped off in an area away from The Saddle Rack at another parking lot or restaurant in the area and walk, please be aware that we have Security Officers watching for this and you will be turned away. However, we would like to ask you if you do arrive before 9:00pm via Party Bus, Motorhome or Limousine, please make sure that no one in your group is intoxicated or unruly when you arrive. If our Security deems that one or more in your group are too intoxicated or unruly to enter The Saddle Rack they will not be allowed to enter. If during your visit with us someone in your group becomes unruly or too intoxicated, they will be asked to leave and someone in your group will have to be responsible for them.