"Back to the Saddle Rack" 
An old Saddle Rack reunion
Sat Sept 15,2018 7 pm
Opening band The California Cowboys

So I know you all have been raising kids, working hard, and taking care of Family in the past 17 years. It's time to come Back to the Rack and see your old friends. The old Saddle Rack is gone but it was us who made that place what it used to be. We all know the new generations have taken over our dance floor with new music and the ever growing line dancing. Times have changed but we could take the floor back for one evening. Many have moved away but they could come back for one evening of dancing and reminiscing. Many have moved beyond but we still remember them and can talk about them. So, dust off your hat, polish your boots, and set aside this date. Help me out by reaching out to friends you remember from the Saddle Rack. I am also collecting old pictures for the occasion. Let's have some old time fun. 

Debbie Aparicio