Starting January 4, 2017 join us every Wednesday Night 7:30-9pm for a fun filled night of West Coast Swing Dance Lessons with two of the best instructors in the business!! The music will be provided Special Guest DJ's the 1st and 3rd Wednesday and the Terry Hiatt Blues/Jazz Band the 2nd and 4th Wednesday



Michelle the 2015 "Boogie By The Bay Rising Star Championion" love of dancing is only rivaled by her love of music. She has training in Classical piano, musical theater, and partner dancing. She has the most fun when she's able to combine her 

interest by dancing to live music! The creativity and energy that comes from dancing to a live band is something she looks forward to sharing with her students and friends at The Saddle Rack.

Shanna has been teaching social dancing since 2006, and fell in love with west coast swing in 2009.  Her passions are performing and sharing her love of dance.  She can't wait to be teaching at the Saddle Rack.  

She is the 2014 US Open Rising Star champion, and placed 5th in the 2015 US Open Swing Dance Championship Rising Star division. Shanna say's, Come out and dance with me. YAY!!!

Terry Hiatt is hailed by his peers as "One of the Bay Area’s Most Outstanding Guitarists."  Well versed in a multitude of styles and genres, he has forged a name for himself with his unique musical outlook.  

 Terry has made his career working and recording with such artists as Terrie Odabi, the late Sista Monica Parker, Paula Harris,       E.C. Scott, Terry Haggerty, Jerry Miller, Chris Cain, Kid Andersen, Lydia Pense, and Lara Price.  He was lead guitarist for Appaloosa during its 7-year tenure as the Saddle Rack house band.  He’s a member of Featprints, a Little Feat tribute band.

 Original projects include Big Science, Running With Scissors, and the Amazing Colossal Guys, playing a distinctive blend of blues, rock, country, and pop, which he likes to call “American gumbo.”


1/4/17 - Forest Hanson

1/18/17 - Matt Leszczenski

2/1/17 - Forest Hanson

2/15/17 - Raymond Baun

3/15/17 - Ben McHenry

3/29/17 - Tom Paderna